Oatmeal Dinner Rolls

Good Evening!

Today is a great day! Today would’ve been my grandma AnnaMae’s 100th birthday! I think that is a HUGE milestone! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to have cake or celebrate because we had some awesome friends come over this evening to help us out a bit.

On Sunday, so this is a little past due, I attempted to make Oatmeal Dinner Rolls from lil’luna’s blog. The recipe can be found here: Oatmeal Dinner Rolls I decided to use her recipe because of two reasons. 1. They looked delicious. 2. I’m sure my grandma made something similar and I wanted to try it.

Unfortunately my rolls did not turn out. I know my problem was the yeast and so I will have to get that straightened out as my grandma made a lot of rolls and breads!

Despite my inability to make these rolls that look so delicious, and I suggest you go to lil’luna’s blog to look at her pictures and her recipe, my kids ate the rolls up! There were none left by the time they went to bed! I made them just after dinner and it made 18 rolls! My wife and I had a couple, even though they were SUPER dense, and our three oldest kids ate them up entirely!

At any rate, I just had to share that experience in my baking journey and I anticipate I will have more opportunities for baking, specifically bread. I’m hoping to try some other bread recipes to help us avoid having so many chemicals in our bread. But that is a post for another time!

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of your evening and I can’t wait to post again!



****** I wanted to add a thought that I had. There are a couple factors that went into these rolls but one of the major ones is that I used Gluten Free Flour with these rolls. I also used olive oil instead of vegetable oil.*********


Here are some pictures of the process of making these rolls. No it was not a good turn out but I changed some things. Even though the dough didn’t rise, they still tasted pretty good! They were just really dense! 🙂

Here is the mixing of the ingredients.


Here is the ball of dough.


The dough in a greased bowl. I used olive oil to grease the bowl.


The finished product….they didn’t rise after they were put into individual balls. They stayed the same. Nice fail, but I plan on making them again!



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