White Bread

Hello Everyone!

I am SUPER excited to write this post! I wasn’t going to post so soon and I was planning on getting my yeast situation figured out…(based off of my last post). I got it figured out and then made the most BEAUTIFUL loaves of bread I’ve EVER made! LOVE IT!

I decided to go to the store and get some regular all purpose flour because we only have all purpose gluten free flour. (Which probably was part of my issue with the oatmeal rolls…just saying) Any who, I just loved this recipe that I tried. Consequentially, it came from Lil’Luna’s blog again. You can find her recipe here: White Bread Recipe.

It was super easy, after the yeast worked, at it was so much fun! I did not have a hand mixer or a stand mixer to help me with this recipe and it worked out just fine! I am excited to be a home made bread maker! What great things to come! I’m hoping to venture into making our own sprouted wheat bread, but that will take a little time still.

My reasoning for being so excited about this simple task is the mere fact that my ancestors would’ve made bread on a regular basis. I discovered that my grandmother didn’t tend to make bread with yeast but her mother baked bread with yeast on a fairly regular basis. I don’t know the specifics on that either but this time I think it’s okay to make assumptions.

Here are some pictures of my beautiful bread (if I do say so myself! 😉 )

This picture if of the dough that rose after waiting an hour. It was quite an exciting moment for me!


After I separated the dough into two loaves, rolled them and let them rise a second time. I knew at this point that these loaves of bread were going to be beautiful!!!


After I pulled the loaves of bread out of the oven.


The recipe recommended brushing some melted butter on top…so I totally did! It was quite fun! I actually got to use the silicon brush that we got somewhere along the way and the kids have using it to brush other things than what its intended purpose is. I have also had to wash it many many times and it is quite frustrating when I hadn’t actually used it for anything! Some of the joys of having young children!


I then realized that I left the loaves of bread IN the pans when I probably should’ve taken them out before brushing the butter on…It worked out nicely and I got some nice pictures of this beautiful creation! Can you tell that I’m proud of these two loaves of bread? I have never made bread look so perfect before! Here is an aerial view of the loaves. (Please pardon the shadows and the photography. Our kitchen has awful lighting at night that I didn’t notice until I tried to take pictures at night and I’m relatively new to photography. I anticipate that as I post more, my photography will get better. One can only hope right?


Here is the side view, which I think is so neat! I’ve never been able to get bread to come out of a pan like that before either….must be a night of firsts! Great times!


Overall, this was a fantastic experience where I hope to allow my kids to help me a little more next time. Our almost two year old stood there wanting to help the entire time but I wouldn’t let him because I was afraid of the yeast not working out like it hadn’t before. Now I think I solved that issue and it’ll be great to have the kids help me make bread! I think I will be making bread from now on because it is considerably cheaper than buying it at the store and because I want to know what is in my food and not have some random things in it…plus homemade bread just tastes better!

Have a happy Friday everyone! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “White Bread

    1. I know! Unfortunately, the bread was done after the kids were in bed…But they did eat it up and I do have to make more bread! I’m hoping to tweak the recipe a little bit. I’ll for sure be posting when the time gets closer!


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