Grandma Teig

I thought I would share some of my family history experiences to help give a better understanding of why I like baking different recipes and why I love learning about my family. I’ve decided that I love end result of searching for a long time for a certain document or for a certain date and I find all of these stories about my relatives and then I feel like I know them personally, even though I never met them. It is crazy how that may be but it is true. I have a ton of these kinds of stories that I anticipate sharing on this blog.


One thing that I would like to share is the example that some of my ancestors are to me. Today, I’d like to share about my Grandma Teig, the beautiful lady that has inspired this blog. She was born in the early 1900s and she was determined. I think her parents believed in her a lot too. But she graduated from high school in the 1930s. If any you know anything about history, this is the time of the Great Depression. Through my studies, I have learned that most people that would’ve graduated from high school during the Great Depression did not end up graduating because they needed to drop out of school and work so that they could support their families. My grandmother’s family was fortunate enough to not have to do that. They cherished education. My grandmother, however, did not stop with her high school diploma. She continued her education to get a five year nursing degree.

To recap here a little bit, she graduated from high school during the Great Depression AND THEN she went to college at the University of Minnesota! What a crazy endeavor she embraced for that time period!

Thankfully, she did not end there!

95th Evacuation Company


When the United States of America decided that they were going to join the second World War, my grandmother signed herself up to be a nurse in the army. A NURSE IN THE ARMY! I get goose bumps as I think about that. She was not only a determined woman in our history but she was also a brave woman. I know that I would not be brave enough to go to war. annamae

This picture is one that a fellow that she met drew of her. I love this drawing!

While in the military, my grandma encountered many hardships. She traveled a lot. Her company was the 95th Evacuation Company. This company went to Northern Africa and stayed there for a time preparing for their invasion into Italy. Once in Italy they boarded the USS Marigold in Naples, Italy to invade France.


When the USS Marigold approached France, they were attacked and the boat sank. Fortunately, my grandmother made it safely to the rescue boat but not before she was injured.

Once my grandmother’s company gathered together and recuperated a little bit from the excitement of having their ship attacked, they ventured out again. They were successful this time around and they continued to venture up into Europe until they made it into Germany. She was one of the first Evacuation Companies to help liberate Dachau Concentration camp. This is an interesting situation for my grandmother as she was of German descent. Even though she may have had some family in Germany, she was there to do the right thing. She also wanted to be there to take care of other people’s brothers that were serving. My grandmother’s brothers were also serving in the Navy and Marines and she felt that if she put in her service in the army, then there would be someone there to take care of her brothers if or when they were injured.

Because of my grandmother’s bravery and determination, she was awarded some medals. Hers are in the smaller frame. She was a 1st Lieutenant.


These are my grandma and grandpa Teig’s medals.

As much as I love my grandmother, I have been able to create a relationship with her through the recipes that she left behind. She was a great cook, which is what I am told. She always would keep the family together and she was always baking or cooking. Because of these stories that I have gathered and more, she is my inspiration. She is one that  I would love to be like with her bravery and her determination. She treasured education and she could’ve stopped after a two year degree but she didn’t want to settle for that. She wanted more education to best suit her desires. Because of her, I cherish my education. I am thankful for the privilege that I had to receive a Bachelors degree and I anticipate continuing my education further because I too love my education. I love the idea of being educated and I love learning more about the world around me. There is so much to learn and I do not and did not settle for the basics.

I love the opportunities to think and I look forward to more of those opportunities to think for myself but reflect on my grandmother’s life and what she would’ve done in  various situations or even how she would’ve cooked or baked something.



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