Cinnamon Bread

I had a fun time making this bread. It was completely an experiment and not 100% successful but it as great! I used the white bread recipe from this post: White Bread. But I made some changes. I added a little yeast and added more flour than the last time I made it and of course I added some seasonings. I added cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and some sugar.

The dough after it has risen.

At this point, I cut the dough in half and I rolled the dough out into a rectangle, of sorts, and I decided to put a layer of ground cinnamon, with some ground nutmeg and ground ginger. I then decided to add some sugar on top. I then rolled up the dough and put the seam down in the greased pan.


I baked it at 375 degrees farenheit for 30 minutes. I took the loaf out of the oven and buttered the top with maybe a tablespoon of butter to make it taste better and look nicer too. 🙂


I was thoroughly excited about this beautiful loaf of bread, especially because I made this Saturday night. Which meant that we could eat it Sunday morning before going to church! Our kids LOVE cinnamon bread and it is an easy breakfast!


I took some pictures when I was cutting the bread because the lighting was perfect in the kitchen! The beautiful morning sun!


I thought the inside looked beautiful. I was getting really excited to eat the loaf of cinnamon bread! Because the lighting was so perfect, I may or may not have taken a few photographs….


The kids loved the bread…until they got to the “yucky” part. At first, I was offended because it took some major time to make this bread and I was SO excited about my experiment….but then I tried it myself….img_8697

Not that it was awful, per say, but it had a lot of cinnamon. Apparently, I put too much cinnamon and no I did not measure it out like a big fancy chef would do…haha but my rational was that there had to be a visible line of cinnamon in the bread….


It definitely has the visible line that makes this bread look fantastic! However, it wasn’t fantastic tasting. It wasn’t horrible either…but some parts had more cinnamon in them than others. I do have some ideas on how to make this bread better and I anticipate I will be sharing that shortly. I want to perfect this recipe so that I can make it and not have to spend so much for some yummy cinnamon bread! I mean our family could go through two of these loaves a week or more! But we did have to limit ourselves….

Thank you for reading this blog with all of its imperfections! I truly appreciate it and I hope that some of you find comfort in knowing that we don’t have to be perfect in order to bake or cook.

Have a great day!


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