Family History Find

I decided that life can be super busy sometimes! I’ve also decided that sometimes life is difficult. I won’t go into details but things have been crazy. I haven’t had the opportunity to bake like I wanted to. I’m currently baking some bread that is mentioned in this post. I am loving this recipe and I still anticipate experimenting with my own recipes and forms to create new breads. However, that will have to wait especially since I have some crazy testing going on at school!

At any rate, this post is regarding a cool find that I found awhile ago and it resurfaced when a relative asked for some pictures. I found some awesome pictures but I will share only a few. However, they are true treasures!


This is a picture of my great great grandfather. He was born in 1820 and died in 1897! He is a Norwegian and I didn’t have much information about him except his name and his wife’s name! Now I have a PICTURE!!!!! Anyone who does even a little bit of genealogy or family history can be grateful for this find. This picture came from a relative in Norway!


This is a picture of his wife. She is also a Norwegian and yes this picture is old and quite faded, it is still way more than what I had! She was born in 1814 and died in 1898!

They are the parents of my Great grandmother who is the grandmother of my paternal grandfather. The interesting thing that I found is that Brita, my Great Grandmother, has a brother….I had assumed that she had siblings but I couldn’t find any information to verify that thought. Her brother, or probably one of them, stayed in Norway while she and her husband Palsson, moved to the United States. This brother ended up staying on the Teig farm and had 15 children! I don’t know specifics yet but I am just thrilled to learn more about my family!


This is a picture of that brother and his wife. I am so grateful for this new find! Isn’t this a great picture??!!!???

The find that got be really excited was more of a re-find. Since I knew I had the picture but I didn’t remember where I put it. I found it again and it brings me so much joy! It is of Britta and Palsson’s family. What joy the family can bring!

Now that I have been doing some research with my Norwegian ancestors I feel that I need to make some sort of Norwegian dish….that should be coming soon!

What are some of your fun finds while learning about your family? Share in the comments below!


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