Yummy Rolls!

Howdy! I decided to make some rolls for a gathering that we were going to. It was quite fun and not as much work as I had anticipated which is a bonus. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the taste that I was looking for. This recipe is similar to one that my grandmother would make, but it wasn’t exact. I’ll be posting more about different recipes to get the right one. The recipe I used can be found here. I used the recipe from Eat Cake For Breakfast’s blog.

At any rate, I finally remembered to take lots of pictures and most importantly, I remembered to take some pictures of the YEAST! Wohoo!


I made sure to add the water and then a little bit of sugar for the yeast to feed off of. I was pleased with myself that I got the yeast to activate the first time around!


I then added some of the other ingredients.


Then came the time to add the flour. I used an all-purpose flour.


I do not have a hand mixer nor a stand mixer, so I used my two hands. It gets to be quite sticky but then it evens itself out and my hands become clean rather easily again.


The dough is to be sticky to the touch where a little dough would come off on my fingers. I thought that was a little strange and I was a big nervous about it, but I did as I was told and let the dough rise.


Once it rose, I rolled it out with my wife’s rolling pin from her college days. I’ve been thankful for that rolling pin! 🙂 It is nothing special but it certainly helps me get my breads made!


The point is to roll it into a giant circle. (Of course, one thing that I forgot that you would notice in the recipe is that the dough would be divided in three.)


I then took a pizza cutter to cut the dough into twelve, somewhat, equal parts. It reminded me of my pizza cutting days, when I worked at Davanni’s.


Once it was all rolled out, cut and then I was ready to start rolling. I rolled starting at the biggest side and when to the smallest side, keeping in mind that I wanted the skinny tip to be in the middle of the roll.


Then my daughter really wanted to help me. I made her wash her hands and then she helped. I showed her how it was done and decided to take some pictures of that process as well.


Aren’t her hands just the cutest! She is such a great helper! She tries her hardest to help where ever she can. Sometimes it is a bit rough and there just isn’t something that she can help with but I am thankful for those times that I can find something for her to help me make something. I know that those moments truly bring us closer and they create awesome memories that she will take with her forever! I am working on creating MORE of those memories because life doesn’t need to be perfect unlike what the world teaches us.


See how that last one wasn’t completely center? This is me pointing out that these rolls don’t have to be perfect! I understand that they will still taste good all the way through! This is something that I am working through, once again, but I want to make sure that it is known that it is always about the memories made and not so much the perfection of items.


We made 36 rolls. I had the privilege of using the pans that my grandmother used to use when she made rolls. As much as these rolls were not perfect, they still tasted fantastic. They were excellent but they were not exactly what I had remembered or imagined the rolls to be. Hopefully I will find that perfect roll, but until that time comes, I will keep making different rolls and they will taste good!

Is there a recipe that you are still searching for that you can’t find the PERFECT one yet? What is it? I might be able to help you!


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