There was a night this past week where I just didn’t want to make anything for dinner so I turned to my Facebook friends. Many of my awesome friends had shared some pretty neat ideas that I hadn’t thought of before. One of them is this recipe of Yakisoba. I have been told that it is made in the army and I thought I would share this recipe because I have ancestors that served in the military over many generations.

My paternal grandfather served in the army during World War II. He served in the Pacific and was wounded twice in the Philippines. My paternal grandmother also served in the arm during World War II as a nurse. She was a higher rank than my grandfather and that was a little joke between the two of them throughout their lives. She was a 1st Lieutenant. She served in Northern Africa and in Europe and was relatively close to combat for a short period of her service.


My paternal grandmother is in the upper right hand corner of the picture. This is the trip as they were boarding a ship to invade Italy.


Henry Boyd Teig
My paternal grandfather when he was a young boy.

I have many other relatives that also served in the Vietnam War, Korean War, Civil War, World War I and probably the Revolutionary War too…but I haven’t done enough research that far back yet. 🙂

At any rate, Yakisoba is made with spaghetti noodles. I boiled the noodles and I added salt to the water.


I then reheated hamburger that I had already browned the hamburger but I needed to heat it up. I then added some frozen broccoli, some soy sauce, ginger powder, salt and pepper.  The recipe was a bit spicy for the kids so they didn’t eat much but I thought it was perfect!




1 package of spaghetti noodles

1 pound of hamburger; browned

1 tsp – 1 tbsp of ginger powder (depends on how spicy you would like it)

1-2 tablespoons of soy sauce; to taste

1 package of frozen broccoli (you may choose the type of vegetable that you would prefer but that is what we had on hand)

1 tsp salt (I used pink Himalayan salt.)

1 tsp pepper; to taste



  1. Fill a pot with water. Turn on the burner and wait for the water to come to a rolling boil.
  2. Once the water is boiling, put the noodles into the water. Make sure to stir the noodles every once in awhile so the noodles don’t stick together and they don’t stick to the bottom.
  3. While the noodles are cooking, put the hamburger in another pot to brown.
  4. Once the hamburger is browned, add the ginger, soy sauce, broccoli, salt and pepper.
  5. Once the noodles are done cooking, drain the noodles and put them back in the pot that they were cooked in and mix the hamburger mixture with the noodles.
  6. Once everything is mixed thoroughly, serve and enjoy!

Yummy Rolls!

Howdy! I decided to make some rolls for a gathering that we were going to. It was quite fun and not as much work as I had anticipated which is a bonus. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the taste that I was looking for. This recipe is similar to one that my grandmother would make, but it wasn’t exact. I’ll be posting more about different recipes to get the right one. The recipe I used can be found here. I used the recipe from Eat Cake For Breakfast’s blog.

At any rate, I finally remembered to take lots of pictures and most importantly, I remembered to take some pictures of the YEAST! Wohoo!


I made sure to add the water and then a little bit of sugar for the yeast to feed off of. I was pleased with myself that I got the yeast to activate the first time around!


I then added some of the other ingredients.


Then came the time to add the flour. I used an all-purpose flour.


I do not have a hand mixer nor a stand mixer, so I used my two hands. It gets to be quite sticky but then it evens itself out and my hands become clean rather easily again.


The dough is to be sticky to the touch where a little dough would come off on my fingers. I thought that was a little strange and I was a big nervous about it, but I did as I was told and let the dough rise.


Once it rose, I rolled it out with my wife’s rolling pin from her college days. I’ve been thankful for that rolling pin! 🙂 It is nothing special but it certainly helps me get my breads made!


The point is to roll it into a giant circle. (Of course, one thing that I forgot that you would notice in the recipe is that the dough would be divided in three.)


I then took a pizza cutter to cut the dough into twelve, somewhat, equal parts. It reminded me of my pizza cutting days, when I worked at Davanni’s.


Once it was all rolled out, cut and then I was ready to start rolling. I rolled starting at the biggest side and when to the smallest side, keeping in mind that I wanted the skinny tip to be in the middle of the roll.


Then my daughter really wanted to help me. I made her wash her hands and then she helped. I showed her how it was done and decided to take some pictures of that process as well.


Aren’t her hands just the cutest! She is such a great helper! She tries her hardest to help where ever she can. Sometimes it is a bit rough and there just isn’t something that she can help with but I am thankful for those times that I can find something for her to help me make something. I know that those moments truly bring us closer and they create awesome memories that she will take with her forever! I am working on creating MORE of those memories because life doesn’t need to be perfect unlike what the world teaches us.


See how that last one wasn’t completely center? This is me pointing out that these rolls don’t have to be perfect! I understand that they will still taste good all the way through! This is something that I am working through, once again, but I want to make sure that it is known that it is always about the memories made and not so much the perfection of items.


We made 36 rolls. I had the privilege of using the pans that my grandmother used to use when she made rolls. As much as these rolls were not perfect, they still tasted fantastic. They were excellent but they were not exactly what I had remembered or imagined the rolls to be. Hopefully I will find that perfect roll, but until that time comes, I will keep making different rolls and they will taste good!

Is there a recipe that you are still searching for that you can’t find the PERFECT one yet? What is it? I might be able to help you!

Family History Find

I decided that life can be super busy sometimes! I’ve also decided that sometimes life is difficult. I won’t go into details but things have been crazy. I haven’t had the opportunity to bake like I wanted to. I’m currently baking some bread that is mentioned in this post. I am loving this recipe and I still anticipate experimenting with my own recipes and forms to create new breads. However, that will have to wait especially since I have some crazy testing going on at school!

At any rate, this post is regarding a cool find that I found awhile ago and it resurfaced when a relative asked for some pictures. I found some awesome pictures but I will share only a few. However, they are true treasures!


This is a picture of my great great grandfather. He was born in 1820 and died in 1897! He is a Norwegian and I didn’t have much information about him except his name and his wife’s name! Now I have a PICTURE!!!!! Anyone who does even a little bit of genealogy or family history can be grateful for this find. This picture came from a relative in Norway!


This is a picture of his wife. She is also a Norwegian and yes this picture is old and quite faded, it is still way more than what I had! She was born in 1814 and died in 1898!

They are the parents of my Great grandmother who is the grandmother of my paternal grandfather. The interesting thing that I found is that Brita, my Great Grandmother, has a brother….I had assumed that she had siblings but I couldn’t find any information to verify that thought. Her brother, or probably one of them, stayed in Norway while she and her husband Palsson, moved to the United States. This brother ended up staying on the Teig farm and had 15 children! I don’t know specifics yet but I am just thrilled to learn more about my family!


This is a picture of that brother and his wife. I am so grateful for this new find! Isn’t this a great picture??!!!???

The find that got be really excited was more of a re-find. Since I knew I had the picture but I didn’t remember where I put it. I found it again and it brings me so much joy! It is of Britta and Palsson’s family. What joy the family can bring!

Now that I have been doing some research with my Norwegian ancestors I feel that I need to make some sort of Norwegian dish….that should be coming soon!

What are some of your fun finds while learning about your family? Share in the comments below!


This is a belated Valentine’s post….

Valentine’s day is always an interesting day for my wife and I. We have never had much money to spend on anything and we hadn’t had any Valentine’s days where my wife wasn’t either pregnant or we didn’t have kids around. I am okay with that because I wouldn’t trade my kids for the world! But because of these obstacles, we’ve become a little creative.

Usually, we get a Papa Murphy’s pizza that is in the shape of a heart and call it good. It is our “fancy” dinner. But this year, I forgot about that tradition that we had started until we were already sitting down and eating dinner. Instead I made some lasagna. This is more of “our family” recipe rather than an ancestral recipe.

Either way, it was yummy and delicious.

I sadly forgot to take more pictures so I have a couple. But hey, this blog thing is new to me and we are just on this learning curve!

Essentially, I found some “oven ready” lasagna noodles. I thought that was just too legit to quit because it was going to save me some time!

I fried some hamburger, about a pound. I set that aside and I mixed 32 ounces of ricotta cheese, a cup of mozzarella cheese, 2 eggs and a teaspoon of our own garden grown, dehydrated basil. This stayed in one bowl.

In another bowl I put a 24 ounce jar of pasta sauce with a cup of water and the hamburger. I mixed that together as well. I was then ready to get this lasagna going.

In a 9X13 pan, I put a layer of the meat sauce on the bottom of the pan. I then put about 5 noodles down on the pan, it was enough to cover the bottom and the fifth noodle I had to break to fit. I then put the ricotta mixture on top of the noodles. Once I got to this point, I repeated the process. On the top, I added a cup of mozzarella cheese and I was good to go!


I covered the lasagna in tin foil, twice. I found that it really helped keep the noodles from becoming crispy but it helped the lasagna thoroughly bake.

I preheated the oven to 425 degrees Farenheit. I baked the lasagna for 60 minutes and I let it stand outside of the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes before I got the family together to eat.

We ate one our “new” table which has been a blessing for our family! We love this new table because it is big enough to allow us all to sit at the table as a family and enjoy a nice meal.


My kids loved the lasagna and asked for seconds which was nice. It also allowed me to put the left overs in containers for lunches for week.

It has been a nice meal and I anticipate making another pan as a freezer meal to have prepared and ready to go for when we need something cooked for dinner and we don’t want to cook anything. We could potentially pull this out of freezer and put it in the oven and relax while it cooks!

What meal did you have for Valentine’s Day?

Cinnamon Rolls

So because of my last post, which can be found here. I decided to make cinnamon rolls. It could be said that I had a slight fetish with cinnamon. I used the white bread recipe from this post. Once the dough rose, I split the dough and rolled it into a rectangle type shape.img_8686-copy

Then I added cinnamon, sugar, ground nutmeg, and ground ginger to the flattened dough. Once that was completed I rolled the dough to make a loaf of Cinnamon Bread, but instead of putting it in a loaf pan I cut up the dough to make cinnamon rolls. One loaf made roughly 7 cinnamon rolls. img_8687

Don’t they look cool? Maybe I’m biased a little bit because I made them and I think it’s cool! I baked them in the oven at 350 degrees farenheit for 30 minutes and then I let them cool a bit before I used some cream cheese frosting that we had. Let me tell you, it probably wasn’t the best decision I’ve made in my life…img_8692

I only say that because when the frosting was all cooled and such, it was kinda rubbery….yes it was pre-made and no it was not made by me. We bought it and I thought it was a good purchase…yes I THOUGHT it was a good purchase. Luckily, it wasn’t expensive. But the kids really didn’t like these rolls for a couple reasons. 1. The frosting. 2. Too much cinnamon….again….(I made these the same day I made the cinnamon bread. Let’s just say I learned my lesson with the cinnamon and I have some ideas on how to make them taste better.)

I decided I wanted to make cinnamon rolls because in my family we would have cinnamon rolls or doughnuts on Sunday mornings and I have always thought that it was a fun Sunday breakfast. I had never made them, on my own before and I thought it would be a fun adventure. Little did I know it would be a bigger adventure and that my main problems would be the frosting and the cinnamon….I always thought it would be the yeast. But I did figure out the yeast problem so that is now just an automatic success now!

Whitney is excited for me to make more cinnamon rolls but if they taste like this, she probably won’t be so excited. The kids I think liked the fact that there was something for them with white stuff on top that they could carry around….but they really didn’t eat it….Sadly, another disappointment. But that is okay because with all these disappointments make fantastic success stories that feel really good!

Cinnamon Bread

I had a fun time making this bread. It was completely an experiment and not 100% successful but it as great! I used the white bread recipe from this post: White Bread. But I made some changes. I added a little yeast and added more flour than the last time I made it and of course I added some seasonings. I added cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and some sugar.

The dough after it has risen.

At this point, I cut the dough in half and I rolled the dough out into a rectangle, of sorts, and I decided to put a layer of ground cinnamon, with some ground nutmeg and ground ginger. I then decided to add some sugar on top. I then rolled up the dough and put the seam down in the greased pan.


I baked it at 375 degrees farenheit for 30 minutes. I took the loaf out of the oven and buttered the top with maybe a tablespoon of butter to make it taste better and look nicer too. 🙂


I was thoroughly excited about this beautiful loaf of bread, especially because I made this Saturday night. Which meant that we could eat it Sunday morning before going to church! Our kids LOVE cinnamon bread and it is an easy breakfast!


I took some pictures when I was cutting the bread because the lighting was perfect in the kitchen! The beautiful morning sun!


I thought the inside looked beautiful. I was getting really excited to eat the loaf of cinnamon bread! Because the lighting was so perfect, I may or may not have taken a few photographs….


The kids loved the bread…until they got to the “yucky” part. At first, I was offended because it took some major time to make this bread and I was SO excited about my experiment….but then I tried it myself….img_8697

Not that it was awful, per say, but it had a lot of cinnamon. Apparently, I put too much cinnamon and no I did not measure it out like a big fancy chef would do…haha but my rational was that there had to be a visible line of cinnamon in the bread….


It definitely has the visible line that makes this bread look fantastic! However, it wasn’t fantastic tasting. It wasn’t horrible either…but some parts had more cinnamon in them than others. I do have some ideas on how to make this bread better and I anticipate I will be sharing that shortly. I want to perfect this recipe so that I can make it and not have to spend so much for some yummy cinnamon bread! I mean our family could go through two of these loaves a week or more! But we did have to limit ourselves….

Thank you for reading this blog with all of its imperfections! I truly appreciate it and I hope that some of you find comfort in knowing that we don’t have to be perfect in order to bake or cook.

Have a great day!

Oatmeal Rolls Trial 2

I decided to make some oatmeal rolls but this time using regular all-purpose flour. I did make some tweaks to the recipe. I decided to have a little fun with the recipe and I played around with the amount of yeast used and I imagined what I could do to make them different.

First off, the yeast worked PERFECTLY! I have figured out how to use yeast and I LOVE it! I get all giddy now when my yeast works and I’ve been trying to think of all the different kinds of recipes I could make with yeast! It’s been wonderful! Truly a stress reliever, except when the kids are awake still….I have discovered that I am a bit of perfectionist when it comes to baking. I guess it is more of when I am experimenting with a new recipe and I want to know that it will work out before I have the kids mess with it. Cause heaven only knows all that they do under my nose! (While I was making these rolls, our two oldest children were watching me and our youngest son decided it was okay to start playing with daddy’s lap top and he messed with my screen so instead of the window looking normal it was on its side and I had NO IDEA how to change it! Of course, our youngest son isn’t even two yet and he couldn’t tell me what he did. Luckily, I have an awesome wife that understands technology better than I do and she fixed it for me!)

At any rate, I did allow the kids to “help” me knead the dough and they LOVED it!


However, once they noticed that their hands were going to be all sticky and icky, they didn’t like it so much! haha

Eventually, I would love to have it be so that the kids can help me make various recipes and they learn how to make them too…however, that time will come and it may be slow, but it will come. They really do love to help and they get upset when I just want to do something on my own. But Whitney and I were talking about possibly having the kids decorate mini cakes because I had made some cinnamon rolls, to come in a future post, and the kids were decorating the cinnamon rolls! HAHA it was pretty funny cause they were using cereal, but they were having fun!

With this batch of Oatmeal Rolls, I noticed that the dough was stickier than the last. Which I found interesting. You can read about the first time I made this recipe here: Oatmeal Dinner Rolls. With that trial, I made it with Gluten Free All – Purpose flour and my main issue was the yeast did not work before I started making the rolls. I didn’t make sure that the yeast was activated and therefore, the entire thing was doomed. But the rolls weren’t super sticky and I used less flour too.


This time was a bit surprising. I had to use more flour, but the yeast worked PERFECTLY this time! I find it interesting that the different flours are THAT different when before in other recipes I could use this particular gluten free flour in place of the normal all purpose flour and it would come out perfect.


It was still a bit sticky after it rose for any hour but I beat it down and separated it into separate balls of dough.



I was just super excited about these rolls. Once they came out of the oven I knew that it worked! The rolls were brown on top. They looked fluffy and they were fluffy. I did discover that overall they are a dense roll but not as dense as trial 1!

I’m excited to experiment a little with these rolls. Whitney and I have some ideas….we’ll share them over with time! 😉 Once we figure out exactly what we’d like to do with them.

I hope you all have a great day and don’t forget to share this post and leave a comment!

Happy Monday!



Grandma Teig

I thought I would share some of my family history experiences to help give a better understanding of why I like baking different recipes and why I love learning about my family. I’ve decided that I love end result of searching for a long time for a certain document or for a certain date and I find all of these stories about my relatives and then I feel like I know them personally, even though I never met them. It is crazy how that may be but it is true. I have a ton of these kinds of stories that I anticipate sharing on this blog.


One thing that I would like to share is the example that some of my ancestors are to me. Today, I’d like to share about my Grandma Teig, the beautiful lady that has inspired this blog. She was born in the early 1900s and she was determined. I think her parents believed in her a lot too. But she graduated from high school in the 1930s. If any you know anything about history, this is the time of the Great Depression. Through my studies, I have learned that most people that would’ve graduated from high school during the Great Depression did not end up graduating because they needed to drop out of school and work so that they could support their families. My grandmother’s family was fortunate enough to not have to do that. They cherished education. My grandmother, however, did not stop with her high school diploma. She continued her education to get a five year nursing degree.

To recap here a little bit, she graduated from high school during the Great Depression AND THEN she went to college at the University of Minnesota! What a crazy endeavor she embraced for that time period!

Thankfully, she did not end there!

95th Evacuation Company


When the United States of America decided that they were going to join the second World War, my grandmother signed herself up to be a nurse in the army. A NURSE IN THE ARMY! I get goose bumps as I think about that. She was not only a determined woman in our history but she was also a brave woman. I know that I would not be brave enough to go to war. annamae

This picture is one that a fellow that she met drew of her. I love this drawing!

While in the military, my grandma encountered many hardships. She traveled a lot. Her company was the 95th Evacuation Company. This company went to Northern Africa and stayed there for a time preparing for their invasion into Italy. Once in Italy they boarded the USS Marigold in Naples, Italy to invade France.


When the USS Marigold approached France, they were attacked and the boat sank. Fortunately, my grandmother made it safely to the rescue boat but not before she was injured.

Once my grandmother’s company gathered together and recuperated a little bit from the excitement of having their ship attacked, they ventured out again. They were successful this time around and they continued to venture up into Europe until they made it into Germany. She was one of the first Evacuation Companies to help liberate Dachau Concentration camp. This is an interesting situation for my grandmother as she was of German descent. Even though she may have had some family in Germany, she was there to do the right thing. She also wanted to be there to take care of other people’s brothers that were serving. My grandmother’s brothers were also serving in the Navy and Marines and she felt that if she put in her service in the army, then there would be someone there to take care of her brothers if or when they were injured.

Because of my grandmother’s bravery and determination, she was awarded some medals. Hers are in the smaller frame. She was a 1st Lieutenant.


These are my grandma and grandpa Teig’s medals.

As much as I love my grandmother, I have been able to create a relationship with her through the recipes that she left behind. She was a great cook, which is what I am told. She always would keep the family together and she was always baking or cooking. Because of these stories that I have gathered and more, she is my inspiration. She is one that  I would love to be like with her bravery and her determination. She treasured education and she could’ve stopped after a two year degree but she didn’t want to settle for that. She wanted more education to best suit her desires. Because of her, I cherish my education. I am thankful for the privilege that I had to receive a Bachelors degree and I anticipate continuing my education further because I too love my education. I love the idea of being educated and I love learning more about the world around me. There is so much to learn and I do not and did not settle for the basics.

I love the opportunities to think and I look forward to more of those opportunities to think for myself but reflect on my grandmother’s life and what she would’ve done in  various situations or even how she would’ve cooked or baked something.


White Bread

Hello Everyone!

I am SUPER excited to write this post! I wasn’t going to post so soon and I was planning on getting my yeast situation figured out…(based off of my last post). I got it figured out and then made the most BEAUTIFUL loaves of bread I’ve EVER made! LOVE IT!

I decided to go to the store and get some regular all purpose flour because we only have all purpose gluten free flour. (Which probably was part of my issue with the oatmeal rolls…just saying) Any who, I just loved this recipe that I tried. Consequentially, it came from Lil’Luna’s blog again. You can find her recipe here: White Bread Recipe.

It was super easy, after the yeast worked, at it was so much fun! I did not have a hand mixer or a stand mixer to help me with this recipe and it worked out just fine! I am excited to be a home made bread maker! What great things to come! I’m hoping to venture into making our own sprouted wheat bread, but that will take a little time still.

My reasoning for being so excited about this simple task is the mere fact that my ancestors would’ve made bread on a regular basis. I discovered that my grandmother didn’t tend to make bread with yeast but her mother baked bread with yeast on a fairly regular basis. I don’t know the specifics on that either but this time I think it’s okay to make assumptions.

Here are some pictures of my beautiful bread (if I do say so myself! 😉 )

This picture if of the dough that rose after waiting an hour. It was quite an exciting moment for me!


After I separated the dough into two loaves, rolled them and let them rise a second time. I knew at this point that these loaves of bread were going to be beautiful!!!


After I pulled the loaves of bread out of the oven.


The recipe recommended brushing some melted butter on top…so I totally did! It was quite fun! I actually got to use the silicon brush that we got somewhere along the way and the kids have using it to brush other things than what its intended purpose is. I have also had to wash it many many times and it is quite frustrating when I hadn’t actually used it for anything! Some of the joys of having young children!


I then realized that I left the loaves of bread IN the pans when I probably should’ve taken them out before brushing the butter on…It worked out nicely and I got some nice pictures of this beautiful creation! Can you tell that I’m proud of these two loaves of bread? I have never made bread look so perfect before! Here is an aerial view of the loaves. (Please pardon the shadows and the photography. Our kitchen has awful lighting at night that I didn’t notice until I tried to take pictures at night and I’m relatively new to photography. I anticipate that as I post more, my photography will get better. One can only hope right?


Here is the side view, which I think is so neat! I’ve never been able to get bread to come out of a pan like that before either….must be a night of firsts! Great times!


Overall, this was a fantastic experience where I hope to allow my kids to help me a little more next time. Our almost two year old stood there wanting to help the entire time but I wouldn’t let him because I was afraid of the yeast not working out like it hadn’t before. Now I think I solved that issue and it’ll be great to have the kids help me make bread! I think I will be making bread from now on because it is considerably cheaper than buying it at the store and because I want to know what is in my food and not have some random things in it…plus homemade bread just tastes better!

Have a happy Friday everyone! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Oatmeal Dinner Rolls

Good Evening!

Today is a great day! Today would’ve been my grandma AnnaMae’s 100th birthday! I think that is a HUGE milestone! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to have cake or celebrate because we had some awesome friends come over this evening to help us out a bit.

On Sunday, so this is a little past due, I attempted to make Oatmeal Dinner Rolls from lil’luna’s blog. The recipe can be found here: Oatmeal Dinner Rolls I decided to use her recipe because of two reasons. 1. They looked delicious. 2. I’m sure my grandma made something similar and I wanted to try it.

Unfortunately my rolls did not turn out. I know my problem was the yeast and so I will have to get that straightened out as my grandma made a lot of rolls and breads!

Despite my inability to make these rolls that look so delicious, and I suggest you go to lil’luna’s blog to look at her pictures and her recipe, my kids ate the rolls up! There were none left by the time they went to bed! I made them just after dinner and it made 18 rolls! My wife and I had a couple, even though they were SUPER dense, and our three oldest kids ate them up entirely!

At any rate, I just had to share that experience in my baking journey and I anticipate I will have more opportunities for baking, specifically bread. I’m hoping to try some other bread recipes to help us avoid having so many chemicals in our bread. But that is a post for another time!

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of your evening and I can’t wait to post again!



****** I wanted to add a thought that I had. There are a couple factors that went into these rolls but one of the major ones is that I used Gluten Free Flour with these rolls. I also used olive oil instead of vegetable oil.*********


Here are some pictures of the process of making these rolls. No it was not a good turn out but I changed some things. Even though the dough didn’t rise, they still tasted pretty good! They were just really dense! 🙂

Here is the mixing of the ingredients.


Here is the ball of dough.


The dough in a greased bowl. I used olive oil to grease the bowl.


The finished product….they didn’t rise after they were put into individual balls. They stayed the same. Nice fail, but I plan on making them again!